What is the Value of education?
"I am not just another pivate tutor in Dubai, I promise you. I am a Mentor with an abundance of experience in Education and the Corporate World, and I will do everything I can to take your child to the next level. "
There is a very good reason why some schools are more expensive than others. Likewise there is a reason why some private tutors in dubai are more expensive than others.
I have demonstrated my ability to transform students to achieve their true potential over and over again. I have taken students from the bottom of the class, to the top 25%.
My hourly rate is 300 AED per hour for 1 hour sessions, or 500 AED for 2 hour sessions. This costing is PER STUDENT. I will teach no more than 2 students at a time, so that I can give my students maximum attention. If you have 2 students that you would like me to teach, my rate is same as above PER STUDENT.
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