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Bankers and Analysts from Top Investment Banks such as Deutsche Bank, Barclays Investment Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and others in London, Singapore and Hong Kong.
Hi There, Thank you for considering private tuition in Dubai with me. We all want someone trust worthy and highly capable to teach our children and give them that extra push to enable them to get the highest grade possible for their exams. Someone that your child connects with, is comfortable learning with. Someone that your child understands and is able to learn from quickly and easily.
I have been teaching / training for 14 years now to a wide variety of audiences. I initially started off as a GCSE and SATs Mathematics teacher in a secondary school in London, being renowned as one of the most popular teachers in a short space of time. I am proud to say 90% of my pupils achieved grades A/A* for their GCSE!
After a few years of teaching I decided I wanted to move into the corporate world, and thus moved into IT Consulting with world renowned consulting firm, Accenture. My passion for IT still lives within me, as I am a qualified MCP, JCP programmer.
I realised I was still hungry for success, and almost luckily I landed myself a job as a Stock Market Trader, which I did for 5 years with a certain degree of success, until the 2008 market crash caused the fund I worked for to collapse. This gave me the opportunity to change career direction once again, this time I took all my skills and background and put them together, and decide to move into a high profile role, as a Financial Markets Trainer, with Fitch Learning (part of Fitch Ratings Group).
During my time as a Trader, I have delivered Lectures at Universities around London on financial markets, as well as developed and delivered financial market courses around UK and Asia to audiences of 25-200 delegates, consisting of graduates and working professionals.
I have trained bankers and analysts from investment banks such as Deutsche Bank, Barclays Investment Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and others in London and Singapore.
Today I run my own company with circa 100 employees, with each and every employee personally trained by me. I am now eager to help the younger generation become successful in their future, inspire them and show them the importance of learning, and ensure they truly become the best at their subjects!
Until we meet, stay well, take care, work hard, and I look after your childrens education, as their future depends on it!
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