how far do you want your child to Aim?
I mostly teach the Hard Technical Subjects, which tend to be the harder subjects or most students. I break things down so that your child will understand each topic, and even understand how the topic is used in real life, which I find really helps students absorb the information more.
“I have expertise in these subjects for GCSE and A-Level”
Mathematics & Physics
Business Studies
Computing, IT, ICT

I come to my private tuition lessons always prepared. Never will you find me coming in a rush and forgetting to plan my lesson!

I will often prepare worksheets, exam papers, print out notes for my students. I will do whatever it takes to help my students succeed.

Of course most of the time I will be working from their workbooks given by the school, as we need to follow the school curriculum.

I will test your child regularly to ensure they are learning.

Quite frequently I will do exam practice with real past exam papers. Some students might know their stuff, but when it comes to exams, they get too nervous, or they simply don't know how to answer a question.

In my experience I have found up to 50% of students get less marks due to bad exam skills. So I will be preparing your child with the skills, techniques and knowledge to answer questions to help them get the top marks they possibly can.

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