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Private Tutoring for Primary or Kindergarten children has something to offer even the most able child. The role of a private tutor is to listen to their student and personalise learning at every step.
About Me:
Why Choose Me?
How it works?
I am more than just a Private Tutor for Primary and Kidergarten children. Think of me as a Friend, someone that your child can enjoy being aroud, grow and develop with. My approach to tutoring is unique, I believe in understanding my clients and students first and taking the time to learn about their needs properly. Here are a few steps I will be taking to give your child the best support possible:
  • I will come to visit you and your child at your home to learn about your objectives and what I can help with. (Unless you would prefer only learning via video call). I will also take the time to build rapport with your child so that they are comfortable with me and we have an understanding. During my visit we will build a timetable to plan out when I will be tutoring your child, so that we all know what to expect and we all can be prepared.

  • I will come to your home to tutor your child. The first day will be a gentle start to our relationship. I will be go through your child’s school work, what they have been learning. Our first session will involve some games, educational playing to help your child get comfortable with me and be able to relax and be themselves around me – which will really help them open up to learning with me.

  • Every session will include recapping what we learnt together in the last lesson, usually through playful methods so that your child can enjoy the process.

My PRIVATE tuition is built on 4 pillars:

Private tuition is not about teaching your child from a book, and neither is it about making your child an academic.
Private tuition is about developing your child and guiding him/her to realise their strengths and weaknesses, so that they can become the best they can be.
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