I don’t teach my students to memorize books.
I teach my students to understand the subject and recognise how to apply the knowledge in real life situations. This helps my student relate to the subject better, which in turns sticks to their mind better.
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  • I was fortunate to be born naturally gifted and able. Throughout my life, I excelled in all my subjects and achieved some of the top grades, often coming in at the top 3 students in my year. It wasn’t hard for me, as I learnt thigns very eaisily and very quickly. I had to be taught something once and it would stick to my mind. Over the years I developed my own learning techniques which I decided I want to teach the younger generation, so that they too can learn to become the best like I did.

  • I have been fortunate enough to work in some of the world top companies and most challenging job roles.

    From my corporate background I bring a lot of business skills that I pass onto my students, which very few academic tutors can offer. Experience, and financial and business skills is a very hard to come by, and often takes years to build. My students have the privilege of learning about the real world whilst tutoring with me.

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  • My own 5 year old child is a reflection of this, who has learn to do long addition and multiplication at the age of 4! I recognise talent and I guide my students to truly become the best at what they do!

  • I try to accommodate my clients needs as much as possible. Whether you need your private tutoring in the morning or evening, I will be as flexbile as I can be.

    I do however emphasize the importance of maintain a fixed routine, which will really help your child focus in the long term. Changing their timetable too frequently will disrupt their mental state and routine.

  • I don’t leave your child after my session is finished. With your permission, your child can contact me anytime via watsapp or email to ask me any question they have related to their work. Maybe they need some help with their homework but they can't wait until they see me next time? No problem they can contact me anytime.

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